Live Webinar: Real Stories from Afghanistan, and how YOU can make Real Change – May 14th, 3pm EST

May 8, 2012

Women’s Action for New Directions, in partnership with Community Supported Film, is proud to present…Scene from "Bearing the Weight" Film

“Real women. Real stories. The real Afghanistan.”

Please join us for this live interactive webinar in which participants use their personal computer to hear a short presentation on Afghanistan, watch excerpts of Afghan-made documentary shorts, and learn easy ways to take action for a peaceful Afghanistan.  The webinar will feature video excerpts about women’s issues from the Afghan-made collection, The Fruit of Our Labor.

Participants will see how the stories in these films connect to policy goals for a comprehensive U.S. peace-building strategy in Afghanistan, based on shifting from combat to population protection, the promotion of women’s rights, and a long-term investment in development.

Webinar - Real Stories from Afghanistan


DATE – Monday, May 14, 2012
TIME – 3pm – 4pm EST
COST – Free!


Register now for your chance to learn about Afghanistan from Afghan-made films, and see how you can use these tools to pressure Congress to bring the war to an end responsibly – for Afghans as well as for Americans.

The films are a part of “The Fruit of Our Labor: Afghan Perspectives in Film,” a collection of ten Afghan-made documentary shorts that brings to life Afghans’ efforts to address their challenging social and economic conditions.  As described by NPR’s Robin Young, these films provide “an unprecedented intimate look at Afghan life with exchanges no outsider has been privy to before.”

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In a time when the majority of the American public is in favor of bringing American troops home from Afghanistan, this webinar will discuss the importance of prioritizing the safety of Afghans, as well as their local development initiatives, perspectives and concerns.  CSFilm founder and director Michael Sheridan will discuss his experiences working in Afghanistan over the last 3 years, and will screen excerpts from documentary shorts made by 10 Afghans as a result of CSFilm’s intensive training in documentary filmmaking.  The films offer unique Afghan perspectives on local challenges and solutions, with a particular focus on women’s lives and initiatives.

Webinar participants will learn how to use these Afghan-made films to pressure Congress to bring the war to an end responsibly, by incorporating economic, political, and peacekeeping objectives into legislation in order to help prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Community Supported Film is proud to be partnering with WAND – Women’s Action for New Directions – for this webinar and other forthcoming collaborations.  WAND has been working towards building a comprehensive transition to peace-building in Afghanistan, supporting a strategy that enhances security through demilitarization and promotes women’s rights through inclusive peace processes and development initiatives.

This program is a part of CSFilm’s Compassion Campaign for Afghan Civilians.

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