Trainees win filmmaking contracts

July 1, 2011

Four of our ten trainees submitted story ideas in response to a request for proposals for TV content geared toward “countering extremist voices.” All four of them won contracts. This was an unanticipated, but very positive, outcome of the capacity-building originally carried out to support production of the film Brewing Tea in a Kettle of War.

It is an incredible achievement for emerging filmmakers who had not produced full-length, character driven documentaries or written proposals before. Their films will be part of a series, to be aired on Afghan Television, that will highlight the work that ordinary Afghans are doing to improve their economic, social and cultural situations.

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1st anniversary of Afghan crisis

1st anniversary of Afghan crisis

Night after night (daytime in Afghanistan) I used real-time on-the-ground intelligence information provided by vets and other organizations also working to evacuate people, to try and help guide families around the violent Taliban checkpoints, through the crushing crowds to the 20’ high walls of cement and barbed wire.


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