New Immigrant and Refugee Visions Project

Front: Abdirahman Abdi, Somalia; Braulio Tellez Vilches, Cuba; Kebrewosen (Kiki) Densamo, Ethiopia. Middle: Sayed Hashimi, Afghanistan; Katsy Rivera Kientz, Puerto Rico; Qin Li, China; Samantha Corsini, Asst. Trainer, Mubarak Muwonge Nsamba, Uganda. Back: Wilson Thelimo Louis, Haiti; Rafael DeLeon, Dominican Republic; Michael Sheridan, Director, Founder & Trainer; Mohammed (Roman) Arifuzzuman, Bangladesh


New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) is a messaging project designed to inform US public opinion about the experience of new immigrants and refugees. In 2o17, NIRV trained new immigrants and refugees to produce a series of short non-fiction films that will amplify their stories and perspectives.






Haiti Project

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

In December 2014, Community Supported Film trained Haitian storytellers to make documentary films about the economic and social development challenges their communities have faced since the 2010 earthquake.

The Films Made: Owning Our Future – Haitian Perspectives in Film


Afghanistan Project

film training

Film training in Afghanistan 2010

Amplifying the voice and expertise of Afghans, in 2010 Community Supported Film trained Afghans in documentary filmmaking and video-journalism.

The Films Made: The Fruit of Our Labor-Afghan Perspectives in Film