New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) Training

New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV) is a collection of documentary films by and about new immigrants from 13 countries of origin. The films were made during a 2017-18 CSFilm training and production project. The stories produced provide a unique insider perspective on the integration challenges faced by immigrants and the contributions they make to our culture, economy and social fabric. The filmmakers made these short films to engage communities in dialogue about immigrants and immigration.


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Below is information about the makers and making of the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions films.

Special Thanks to our Funders:

McMillan Stewart Foundation, Marika Foundation for Social Action, Jeanne Steig, Pathfinder Fund, Viram Foundation, Patricia Davis and Wesley Callender, Keating Family Charitable Fund, Anuradha Desai, Mary Mackay and Edward Wheatley, Amelie Ratliff, Schrafft Charitable Trust, Richard and Dorothy Koerner, Christine Arveil and Benoit Rolland, Vishakha Desai and Bob Oxnam, Antara Desai and Arjun Menon, Paul and Patricia Fullagar, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Robert Lee Buchanan, Anonymous, Barbara Martin, Swati Desai and Gary Stephens, Katherine Yeh and Jack Spence, The Shimkin Foundation, The Chavda Family, Julie and Abhijit Desai, The First Church of Wenham, …and hundreds of individual donors like you! Thank You!

Special Thanks:
Samira Ahmed Fiin, family and community; Caryn Anderson; Rosi, Brian and Alisa Amador; Mohammad Anwar; Jean Appolon, family and community; Jorge Arce and community; Christine Arveil; Yonas Badi and community; Mani Biswa, family and community; Damien Boutillon; Sara Bouvier; Jordy Brazo; Alla Brikman; Julie Brown; Junior Buissereth and community; Zayde Buti; Karen Carpenter; Kate Carpenter-Bernier; Hugo Carvajal; Monica Cohen; Samantha Corsini; Jorgy Cruz; Anuradha Desai; Lydia Eccles; Mary Elizabeth Ford; Patricia Goudvis; Cheryl Hamilton; Lor Holmes; Kenny Kozol; Hannah Lee; Julie Mallozzi; Denise Marika; Carolina Melgarejo; Pablo Minier; Alex Morelli; Zaamu Namigadde, family and friends; Rosalyn Negron; Sarah Poole; Stephanie Scherpf; Gary Shaw; Susan Steele; Reverend Evan Thayer; Aka Rahmatullah; Lata Rana, Dimple Rana and family; Peter Rhodes; Jerry Rubin; Annabelle and Esther; Abdirahman Yusuf; 3 Dimensions Health Services; Boston Public Libraries and Librarians; Brighton High School; Brookline High School; Cambridge Community Television; Church of St Augustine and St Martin staff and community; City of Boston Office for Immigrant Advancement; Dance Complex; El Oriental de Cuba; Evangelical Christian Nepali Church; Follen Community Church; International Institute of New England; Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center; Jewish Vocational Services; KIPP Acadamy; Lynn Community Health Center; New American Center; Sol y Canto; Somali Development Center; Spontaneous Celebrations; Women Encouraging Empowerment

Training and Production Team:

  • CSFilm Founding Director; NIRV Training and Production Director: Michael Sheridan
  • CSFilm Operations, Communications Manager and Public Engagement Manager; NIRV Training Manager: Caryn Anderson
  • CSFilm Programs Coordinator, NIRV Assistant Trainer and Post-Production Coordinator: Samantha Corsini
  • CSFilm Program Coordinator and Designer; NIRV Editor: Zayde Buti
  • NIRV Public Engagement Coordinators: Sarah Chapple-Sokol, Aakanksha Gupta
  • Advisors and NIRV Training Assistants, volunteer: Patricia Goudvis, Anuradha Desai, Christine Arveil
  • NIRV training food provided by:  Anuradha Desai, Christine Arveil, Damien Boutillon, Carolina Melgarejo, Karen Carpenter, Kate Carpenter-Bernier, Mary Elizabeth Ford
  • NIRV Volunteers: Peter Rhodes, Denise Marika, Stephanie Scherpf, Lydia Eccles, Susan Steele, Gary Shaw, Andrew Grant, Katie Bradshaw, Rachel Darke, William Bonney
  • NIRV training site donated by: Church of St Augustin and St Martin, Roxbury MA

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