Dear Acquisitions Librarian – Films by and about Immigrants


Dear Acquisitions Librarian [try and find personal contact from your library’s website],

I recently watched excerpts of short documentary films made by US immigrants and refugees. I would love to watch the entirety of the films and to have them available to our wider community.  Would it be possible for you to buy a copy for our library?

The films are gathered in a collection called New Immigrant and Refugee Visions (NIRV)It is described as “a collection of ten documentary films by and about new immigrants and refugees. The stories produced provide a unique insider perspective on the integration challenges faced by immigrants and the contributions they make to our culture, economy and social fabric. The filmmakers made these short films to engage US communities in dialogue about immigrants and immigration.” Boston-based non-profit Community Supported Film provided the training and production assistance for the making of these films.

Please learn more about this remarkable work at I hope you will then purchase a copy from and let me know when it is available. Perhaps we could organize a public screening and discussion at the library as well. 

You will see on the same webpage that CSFilm has also produced a collection of Afghan-made and Haitian-made documentary films that look very interesting. If you would like to talk to someone at CSFilm please call or email us at +1 (857) 415-0564 or info [at] csfilm dot org.

Thanks very much for your assistance with this and please let me know your decision.

Best wishes,