What we believe

We believe that socioeconomic development and conflict resolution are effective when the challenges and solutions are understood from the local perspective.  High quality locally made documentary storytelling provides essential insights, for community members and policymakers, into sustainable paths to a more equitable and peaceful world.

What we do

Community Supported Film’s mission is to integrate training in documentary filmmaking, social issue storytelling and awareness building by:

  1. Training storytellers from poor and developing communities in non-fiction filmmaking and assisting them with the development of their careers as filmmakers and video-journalists.  Their capacity to disseminate objective and accurate information from the local perspective is essential for effective development and conflict resolution.
  2. Producing engaging stories about important social and economic development issues in their communities.  These stories nourish an understanding of the world that counteracts the relentless focus of western media on battlefronts, crises and disasters.
  3. Building a bridge between the community of filmmakers, communities in development and an international community of concerned citizens.   Locally made stories rooted in their realities allow for deeper community and institutional engagement in assessing and critiquing social and economic interventions and policies.

Support Our Work

Inspired by the model of Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Film asks concerned citizens from around the world to invest directly in the production of high quality films with a locally-made perspective on social and economic development issues. In return their films nourish a complex understanding of human development that isn’t available in the mainstream media.

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