Help Arrange Screenings of NIRV Films

NIRV Highlights, Issue 4, November 11, 2017

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Help us arrange screenings of the NIRV films!

ORGANIZE A SCREENING: We are looking for locations and hosts to arrange events to screen some or all of the films created by the filmmakers of the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions project. Our goal is to use these NIRV film events to inspire conversation and action among diverse audiences about the immigrant experience in America and the mainstream media’s approach to immigrant issues.

Films include stories about a Somali family struggling with inter-generational tensions around adapting to American culture; the experience of Indian immigrants whose daughter is campaigning to be elected as the first woman of color on the city council of Revere, Massachusetts; and an undocumented woman from the Dominican Republic, who faces deportation (if DACA legislation is not renewed) to a country she has not set foot in since she was four years old.

INSPIRE DIALOGUE AND ACTION: Events could include a Q&A with filmmakers, a panel, a CSFilm facilitated dialogue and/or other activities aimed at enhancing understanding of the immigrant experience and motivating actions to advance social justice and conflict resolution. We welcome ideas for events and other engagement activities.

CONNECT US WITH PARTNERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY: We are also reaching out to potential local and national partners who may be interested in hosting a screening of the films. If you have connections with organizations or individuals in other cities that might be good partners for screenings and dialogues on immigration, we look forward to working with you to expand the impact of the NIRV films.

CONTACT US: We are scheduling screenings to begin in February 2018. Please contact Sarah Chapple-Sokol (, our Public Engagement Coordinator, with your ideas and/or contacts, or to host or organize a screening.

Project Updates

Meet the Filmmakers, Meet your Neighbors
October 21, 2017

Thanks to those who attended the event hosted and organized by Roxbury-Dorchester Power in Community!

It was great to have you there and to have so many new and familiar faces in attendance. We are especially grateful to Rev. Dee Littlepage, Rev. Evan Thayer, and their team, for all of their hard work initiating, organizing and hosting the event and for providing the food.

CSFilm and NIRV presentation, October 21, 2017

We are particularly thankful for your engaging questions and the thoughtful responses provided by the filmmakers/trainees. They were thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss their works-in-progress with you.

Many thanks to Jorgy Cruz and Pablo Minier for documenting the event and capturing the spirit of the filmmaker/trainees in their blog post including a fun short video of the filmmakers.

Phase 3: Public Engagement

NIRV filmmakers, October 21, 2017

Since July of this year, Community Supported Film (CSFilm) has been training ten immigrant residents of Boston in documentary filmmaking as part of the New Immigrant & Refugee Visions (NIRV) project. Each trainee has been learning technical filmmaking and digital storytelling skills and is producing a short film that will give voice to the untold immigrant experience in the United States.

In previous issues of NIRV Highlights, you’ve watched them learn and grow. As we approach the last weeks of the training and the production portion of the program, our ten filmmakers have been deeply immersed in the filmmaking process: filming scenes, capturing interviews, and making critical editing choices to transform their raw footage and recordings into compelling stories.

The upcoming public engagement phase of the NIRV project is your chance to participate directly! The films produced by our immigrant filmmakers will be screened in Boston and throughout the US in an effort to shape and inform public opinion and policy on immigrants.

We are now working to raise $60,000 for the nationwide Screen & Discuss tour that will target communities that have demonstrated a resistance to new immigrants. Please support this work as generously as you can so that we can maximize the use of these films throughout the US.

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Thank you to all the Friends of CSFilm, and to: The Keating Family Charitable Fund, Richard and Dorothy Koerner, Jeanne Steig, Teryl Euvremer, Viren and Amita Mehta, Patrica Davis and Wesley Callender, The Pathfinder Fund, The Marika Foundation for Social Action, and The McMillan Stewart Foundation.

Thanks to The Church of St Augustine and St Martin for donating the training space and to editor Peter Rhodes and trainer Pat Goudvis for donating their time and experience.

Community Supported Film strengthens the documentary storytelling capacity in communities where the dissemination of balanced and accurate information is essential for development and conflict resolution.