Five video editors needed for unique documentary filmmaking project, Boston, MA USA

Editor Yrvelt Lamour works with Steeve Colins on his film, “Ghetto Green, Ghetto Clean, (Geto pwòp, Geto vèt),” Haiti, 2014

As Community Supported Film gets ready to start the New Immigrant and Refugee Visions documentary training and production process, we are looking for 5 skilled editors to work with the trainee/filmmakers on their short films.

The ideal editor will be experienced with scene-based, character-drive, lived-reality documentary filmmaking and at guiding the filmmaker/trainees toward their story’s strengths.  The training is being held on Saturdays 9-5 and Wednesday evenings in Boston.  Editors will be needed for a total of 8-10 days.  The editing phase will take place mostly October through mid-November plus a few evenings or Saturdays in August and September.

Editor Rahmat Jafari working with Fakhria Ibrahimi (and her baby girl) on her film “Treasure Trove,” Afghanistan, 2010

As filmmakers at CSFilm, we know how hard it is to survive as a professional in the world of doc filmmaking, but to cut to the chase, we cannot afford anything remotely close to market rates for editors.  We are looking to find fellow travelers who are as concerned as we are with the state of the dialogue about immigrants and refugees in the US and helping them to strengthen their voice to tell their own stories.  The films made, as with the Haitian and Afghan films, will be screened nationally as part of a screen-and-discuss campaign.  The films made in Afghanistan and Haiti have won multiple international awards including the $10,000 Promotional Prize at the Winterthur International Short Film Festival in Switzerland.

Editor Hamed Alizada working with Hasibullah Asmat on his film “L is for Light, D is for Darkness,” Afghanistan, 2010

Please let us know if we can talk further with you, or anyone you’d recommend, about joining the training, mentoring and editing team.  We are trying to line up editors by August 11th at the latest. To get the ball rolling, please send a message via the contact page. Thanks!